While working as Quaker Oats’ social agency, our team had the rare opportunity to concept and write a set of poster designs for the Quaker Conference Room in Chicago’s 1871 tech hub.

We were briefed to deliver posters for the following four buckets: oatmeal-focused, innovation, determination, and communication.



April 2015


The first rule when trying to win creative AOR as a social media agency: Show them you can do the other stuff. The second rule: Show them you can do it well.

Have you met the whole grain oat?

It’s small. It’s mighty. It’s a powerhouse.

Packed with good-for-you fiber, vitamins, and minerals, eating a bowl of them will help fuel plenty of thinking, singing, dancing, or anything else you love to do.

Rolled, steel-cut, quick, or instant—no matter how you hunger, there’s a Quaker® Oat to fit the bill.

Trust your gut. Take the plunge.

Even if the recipe doesn’t call for it.

Even if you’ve never seen it before. Bonus points if you have to improvise.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but we think happy accidents are too (just look at the chocolate chip cookie!).

Go ahead—what do you have to lose?

What will you accomplish today?

Maybe you’ll turn in that big project a day early, or muster the courage to ask that special someone out for coffee.

Instead of ordering out, perhaps you’ll finally tackle that truffled oat risotto you’ve been saving for the weekend.

It only seems impossible until it’s done.

You have thoughts—share them!

Spark a conversation. Maybe even a debate. They call it a brainstorm for good reason: nothing great was ever achieved without a little chaos (preferably amongst oatmazing friends!).

Spill your oats and keep the chatter going!


Agency: VaynerMedia

Copywriter: Jasmin Sun
Art Director: Steven Vuong